the social network is about a guy named jesse eisenberg who invents the concept of being friends with people online instead of in reality.  the movie focuses, more or less, on his ex-bff suing him because he is a dick.  he is helped along the way to total dickdom by justin timberlake, who invented napster, which is where you used to get your music before bittorrent.

the movie is pretty good.  because it was about real people and a real thing that happened, it feels kind of literary.  it starts with jesse eisenberg being dumped and ends with jesse eisenberg being lonely and totally not scoring with rashida jones, which must have felt super lame.  i thought they were going to make jesse eisenhower look like a giant asshole, but they kind of made him look more like someone with borderline personality disorder, which is slightly more sympathetic than being a giant asshole.  he is always saying things to specifically hurt other people’s feelings, then seems surprised when everybody’s feelings are hurt.

my favorite part of this movie was all the shakespeare in love moments where something inspires justin eisenbloom to add some cool new feature to facebook and makes the audience go, “shit, i use that button all the time, how cool to know what screenwriter aaron sorkin thought it might have been inspired by!”

also the movie has some seriously broody twin bros in it with good hair.  they are always saying things like, “he stole our idea!” and “we are meeting the prince of monaco and all we can think about is how much we hate that kid from zombieland!”

as far as i know, the events in this movie are 100% accurate.  i think it might have won an oscar for best documentary.  it was directed by david fincher, who directed the fight club and benjamin’s buttons.

all in all, this movie was pretty good.  it did not have a crappy hollywood romance shoehorned into it, and it ended in a way that made you think, “yes, i assume this is how life works for billionaire geniuses.”  i give it 23 out of 28 pancakes.  that is like 1.642857142857143 thumbs up!